Dave Chapman - How to build a proactive customer support team

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About the guest - Dave Chapman is a Senior Customer Advocate at Buffer. He has been with Buffer for nearly a decade now. He works at the intersection of tech, social media and marketing and focuses on work culture, product management, communication and wellness.
He has also worked at Apple Retail and has been an Osteopath in the past.

00:54 - Dave's journey till now
02:03 - Transition to Buffer
08:51 - Evolution of Dave's role at Buffer
11:29 - Buffer's approach to customer advocacy
14:25 - Intersection of a support community and customer advocacy
17:50 - How to be more proactive in customer support
24:42 - Anecdotal insights from Dave's experience at Buffer
26:48 - Memorable interactions with customers
29:48 - Doing things that don't scale
32:23 - Metrics to define the performance of support teams
36:09 - Role of AI in customer support
40:18 - Suggestion for support leaders to look at support beyond just like a cost centre
44:35 - Integrating support team's feedback in the product roadmap
46:57 - Remote work in customer support - pros and cons
50:46 - Tips for support leaders

Where to find Dave - https://www.linkedin.com/in/davechapmanuk/
Dave Chapman - How to build a proactive customer support team
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