Tom Blossom - Building great support teams from scratch!

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🤙🏻 About the Guest -  Tom Blossom is a customer experience leader with experience in building and coaching support teams for over a decade. He has worked with companies like Sentry, Instana, Tecton among others!

🤙🏻 About the Host - Sharath Kuruganty is the Head of the Community at @ThreadoHQ. Currently, he is building Community Champs, a tight-knit community of world-class community leaders.

🤙🏻 Timestamps
5:03 - Key elements of building a support team
7:40 - Establishing a standard process in teams
11:28 - How should a founder start a support team from ground-up
17:06 - Coaching and designing the systems for people who are working remote
20:04 - Tom's hidden methodology used over the 10 years of support experience
21:49 - Handling the clashes of support teams
26:56 - Navigating the uncertainty of support tickets
28:30 - Handover process internally between the support team
30:16 - how does great customer support increase business revenue or a startup's revenue
33:47 - Success metrics for support teams
38:33 - Tools to accelerate the support process
47:57 - Instances where Tom's team has impacted the whole business strategy
53:04 - Important qualities of support folks
56:50 - Outro to the podcast

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Tom Blossom - Building great support teams from scratch!
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