Richard Millington - How to build a career as a community consultant!

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πŸ€™πŸ» About the Guest - Richard Millington is the founder, author and speaker. He founded FeverBee, a community consultant agency that helps brands build online communities using data driven approach. He wrote well-known books like Build your Community, Buzzing communities. He is known for giving keynote talks around the world. Richard often shares the strategies, principles and tactics he has used to help over 300 organizations to build communities over the past decade, including Google, The World Bank, Oracle, Amazon, Autodesk, Apple, Facebook and many more.

πŸ€™πŸ» About the Host - Sharath Kuruganty is the Head of the Community at @ThreadoHQ. Currently, he is building Community Champs, a tight-knit community of world-class community leaders.

πŸ€™πŸ» Timestamps

00.00 - Introduction to the podcast
03.55 - First interaction as a community builder
10.27 - Realisation of having a knack for building communities
14.53 - The role of a community consultant & what it offers
16.06 - Suggestions for people wanting to get into community building
23.43 - Skills & roadmap in the career of a community builder
32.54 - How content creation can be leveraged in community building
42.18 - The story behind β€˜FeverBee’
46.11 - Pro-tips for becoming a community builder
54.16 - Key mistakes that community consultants make
01.09.29 - How to design & build a customer community successfully
01.13.21 - Outro to the podcast

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Richard Millington - How to build a career as a community consultant!
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