Milly Tamati - How to productize and monetize a community!

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πŸ€™πŸ» About the Guest - Milly Tamati is the Founder and Chief Generalist at Generalist World. She lives on a little island in the Scottish highlands with a population of just 170 people where she is building the home of the generalist (

πŸ€™πŸ» About the Host - Sharath Kuruganty is the Head of the Community at @ThreadoHQ. Currently, he is building Community Champs, a tight-knit community of world-class community leaders.

πŸ€™πŸ» Timestamps

00.00 - Introduction to the podcast and the guest
02.49 - Origins of The Generalist World
06.22 - Milly’s story of becoming a Generalist
10.12 - Starting the Generalist World as a community
12.28 - Taking the idea to execution when building communities
17.55 - Finding the first set of champions of the community
20.18 - Productising the community
26.16 - Working solo and hiring people in your company
28.28 - Balancing doing things you love and doing thing that you don’t love in early stage
34.19 - Cracking the business at the Generalist World
37.11 - Monetising the community
42.17 - Balancing monetisation and not losing the purpose of community
45.56 - Intentional community design framework
48.45 - Interesting things lined up at the Generalist World
52.59 - Balancing mental burden of working as a solopreneur
58.30 - Outro to the podcast

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Milly Tamati - How to productize and monetize a community!
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